Gratitude – Day 63 (Openness)

There is a certainly freedom that comes from being open. I have typically been a person who is very open with my hobbies and activities and very private about my struggles. Pride I guess. This blog entry is about open disclosure.

I do not have a devout following for this blog, I do not have a large readership. I am not trying to write catchy witticisms so I can attract a following. I am not trying to be viral in any way. The internet is full of people much wittier and funnier than I. They have that niche. So why blog? Why not just write in a journal? A guy at work told me that he would never blog and was surprised that I did.

I started the blog in December of 2007. Mostly, I started the blog to explore what it meant to blog. I did not write often, just an occasional entry. Over time, the blog began to take the form of a journal. A place for me to take some time to articulate my thoughts and feelings on a particular subject. It became a great way for me to explore some of these things in greater depth. I like this open format. It can be difficult to be honest with myself and the blog forces me be more thoughtful of what I write. I am forced to dig a little deeper to find the core of things. I have a couple of friends that check into the blog from time to time. It kind of surprises me really. I mean, this isn’t exactly riveting prose.  It is silly, but knowing that there are one or two people out there that might read what I write is a catalyst for deeper honesty and sincerity in my words. I have to be accountable for what I write. I needs to truly own my words, thoughts, ideas, emotions, and forms of expression. It becomes easier to write after awhile. It becomes easier to face foibles and flaws. It is easier to be human.

There is a gentle transformation taking place for me. I deeply believe this exercise of daily gratitude is starting a fundamental shift in how I process and reaction to situations. I am very glad to be taking this journey. To the one or two of you that come across this blog entry, thank you. You are the subject of my gratitude today. It is in knowing that you might read the words I write that I derive benefit. You have helped me be more sincere about my efforts and more honest with myself.

A blog is a personal diary. A daily pulpit. A collaborative space. A political soapbox. A breaking-news outlet. A collection of links. Your own private thoughts. Memos to the world. ~ Blogger

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