Gratitude – Day 64 (Fence Project)

Fence Design We Chose

Well. It has begun. Last night we took down one of the pillars on the fence and one section of fence to see what we are up against. It will not be as bad as originally anticipated. We suspect some of the pillars contain cement, but that it is only in the very bottom section of the pillar. Pillars are probably about 200lbs each. 13 of them to pull down and dispose of. We will likely do most of the demolition ourselves, and have our fence contractor dispose of the materials. He has an 18 foot trailer that will make the job much easier. It feels good to get moving on this project. Been a long time coming.

One of our friends commented that he will be sad to see our existing fence go. It is unique and he quite likes it. I have to agree that our current fence is a very unique design and in many ways we will miss it. The new fence is not going to be painted. We will late the wood age and cure for a year and get weathered a bit then apply a liberal amount of stain to it next year. Stain is great because it does not need to be scraped before we coat it over the years. We are actually going to build wiring in the fence to illuminate the back yard a bit better. Probably about 6 to 8 sconce mounted lights along the fence.

The new fence is going to extend a bit farther along the west side of our house. We plan to put decking in there and place an outdoor shed in the corner to make better use of unused space. We are now going to gave a gate in the backyard to give us access to the back lane. The fence is not going to go all the way around the back of our garage. Kathy is thinking about a small garden directly behind the garage. This is also an opportunity to fix the section of fence and gate in the front of the garage.

We finally decided to get off the fence on this project. Here’s to getting started on an overdue project.

Don’t ever take a fence down until you know why it was put up.~ Robert Frost

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