Gratitude – Day 75 (SMF Upgrade)

This will seem like a simple thing to feel thankful for, but I accomplished something significant yesterday. Well, significant in my eyes. I own and administer two set of discussion forum websites. Both of these sites are running SMF (Simple Machines Forum). Both of these sites also are hosted at GoDaddy and were setup using their 1-Click installs. Over the course of running the forums, I have been keeping them up to date by running the 1-Click package updates to apply the latest patches and updates. The whole things has been quite simple and both my forums were running version 1.1.14

Along comes version 2 and there is no 1-Click option to upgrade the forum. I had to dig into a more detailed process for the upgrade. Long story short, I upgraded the Bixby forums to version 2.0 yesterday. It is running well and has some new anti-spam features that will make dealing with the annoyance of spam accounts much easier. I am actually quite pleased with myself and the outcome. I now have to plan the upgrade for the second and larger set of forums. Looking at the suite of open source software I currently run, I have three websites, two SMF discussion forums, two WordPress blogs, and a Coppermine image manager. I enjoy working with the software and can see all sorts of practical applications for these tools.

I suspect another facet of my gratitude has to do with the responsibility I feel to the communities I have created. I asked people to come together to form a community, they have joined either or both sites. That instills a responsibility in me to look after the care and feeding of the site and software. I did not realize how much I was concerned about this latest upgrade until I went through the process. I am glad that a milestone has been reached, sometimes I bite off a bit much with these projects and these little successes help to keep me motivated to forge ahead.

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There are two ways of constructing a software design: One way is to make it so simple that there are obviously no deficiencies, and the other way is to make it so complicated that there are no obvious deficiencies. The first method is far more difficult. ~ C.A.R. Hoare

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