Gratitude – Day 76 (Home Network)

Yesterday, we gave our home network a much needed upgrade. Removed some old gear with speed and reliability problems and installed some new gear with some more robust features. Our office is now running 1GB instead of 10MB. That includes my laptop, Kathy’s laptop, and more importantly, our Synology Server. A new wireless router was installed and configured. It is fast, has a strong signal, and is very secure. Additionally, we put in a 16 port switch to power all of the RJ45 outlets in the house. Everything works well, speed is good, and it is a much cleaner configuration. I just like it when things work well and consistently. We mostly want signal strength for streaming music to any room in the house, gots to have our tunes.

The Synology box is now web enabled so I can start to explore using it remotely to access my files. This will help me significantly with logistics. Eventually, I can set up music playlists as radio stations that can be accessed from anywhere. Cool features.

I am grateful to get this project completed and very thankful for all of the help from Jason Husbands (Tafari Consulting). One more project off the to do list. On another note, we got some more work done on our fencing project this weekend. Kathy and I are pretty much done with the demolition and removal  and Rob Mann is plugging along with the construction. We are glad he is doing the construction and not us, he obviously has done this a time or two.

We live in a society exquisitely dependent on science and technology, in which hardly anyone knows anything about science and technology.  ~ Carl Sagan

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