I am really enjoying this band

I basically took a year off blogging, now it is time to hop back into the saddle and turn on the tap to spew my stream of consciousness once again. Not riveting prose or earth shattering revelations; just things that happen to be top of mind or tickle my fancy. Today I would like to share a band with you that I have recently discovered. The music is a bit on the harder/edgier side, but I quite enjoy the sound and vocals. I present you with some Scandihoovian tunage: Volbeat.

I ended up buying a couple of their albums on iTunes and I am really digging the tunes. I simply LOVE discovering new music.

Party on Wayne / Party on Garth!




1 thought on “I am really enjoying this band

  1. Good song!
    “Counting all the assholes in the room, well I’m definitely not alone…”

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