Gratitude – Day 78 (SaskGames Site)

I have blogged about the SaskGames site in the past, I have also blogged recently about upgrading the Bixby website to version 2.0 of SMF. Today I am thankful for a milestone reached with SaskGames. I went through the upgrade process and got the site up to version 2.0 from version 1.1.14. Along the way, I had to uninstall some mods that were helpful and it appears they may not be coming back anytime soon. In addition to the upgrade, I took the opportunity to restructure the welcome section to be more intuitive and easier for people to get helpful information about the site. We are now over 200 members and it is important to make things as intuitive as possible. Additionally, it looks like we will be better able to commodotize how members and staff contribute content and volunteer their time. A number of doors are opening that will ease my administration burden.

I am glad that many have found this a useful endeavour and it is helping to create awareness for Thursday Night gaming at the German Club and even FRAG events. It is starting to bridge a gap between Regina and Saskatoon as well. Still lots of work ahead, but I am quite thankful to get the latest version installed and configured and configure the site to allow new member registrations once again. (Spambot registrations are the scourge of the internet in my opinion; I am glad this version has increased anti-spam safeguards).

The responsibility of these projects tend to weigh heavily on me and I am relieved and thankful to have these latest milestones behind me.

A journey of a thousand sites begins with a single click.  ~ Author Unknown

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