The Mirror

MirrorWell, I have missed a couple of Thankful Thursdays. It is not that I am not thankful, just busy and not wanted to post drivel for the sake of meeting an artificial deadline. I have had a few interesting conversations with friends lately. Conversations that are both reflective and speculative. One of the things that truly warms my heart is the amount of compassion many of my friends have for others. One particular chat I had made me curious about a poem I wrote years ago, probably when I was in my early twenties. The writing is a bit rudimentary, but I am pleased with the message. There are many wrong turns I have taken in my journey, many times when I have stumbled and had a fall. I am happy when I look back that I at least saw that my journey was a personal one with internal keys to happiness rather than insisting that the world “owed” me happiness. So many people seek external validation for their own well beoing and joy. I mourn for them for their’s is a journey with no hope of a destination.

The Mirror 

On my personal journey, there’s one thing I’ve found
Sometimes when my feet aren’t planted on the ground
My feelings and my actions are not very sound
It’s hard to blame someone, when there’s no-one else around 

And at the time it wasn’t very clear
But the hardest thing to look at is a mirror.

And when I stop running and look behind
I’m a bit surprised at what I find
The only enemy is within my mind
When you don’t want to see, it is easy to be blind

There’s only one way to make them disappear
But the hardest thing to look at is a mirror

Little by little as we set the pace
In our fruitless effort to win the human race
We become aware of the needless waste
There is only one judgement we must truly face

The sacred answers have always been here
But the hardest thing to look at is a mirror

Each person must discover the secret on their own
Its not a thing that can be taught or shown
But once the answers are finally known
It means never having to be alone

For even when there’s no-one near
You always have the friend inside the mirror

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