Gratitude – Day 30 (Involvement)

It would be easy to shut our door and ingnore the world around us, but I cannot. I see and hear about people who pass by someone lying on a sidewalk without even slowling down to check if they are injured or in need of medical attention; the new is full of those stories. I have reslved not to be one of those people.

Last night there was that all too familiar crunch sound on our street. I was in bed reading and Kathy was watching TV. I looked out the window and did not see anything out of the ordinary at first, then I noticed a car on the front lawn of the house across the street. Another accident. I went out to the living room to get a better view and alert Kathy. For some reason my ears are tuned to hear car accidents and hers are not. We noticed people on the scene and 1 young guy leaving the scene in a hurry; he ran right by our place.

I got dressed and told Kathy I was going to pursue the guy fleeing from the scene and she went to the accident scene to offer assistance if needed. There was a light snow so I was able to follow the tracks of the person that left the scene of the accident, but I did not catch up with him. Judging by the path and the placement of his steps, he was dazed, drunk, or both. When I caught up with Kathy at teh scene of the accident, the paramedics were placing someone on a back brace. Kathy later shread that the people at the house with the accident had not provided a blanket or anything for the person lying on the ground so she used her coat. The person in that house, did manage to go get a towel to help cover the person, how generous.

I am not a person who is fascinated by accident scenes, so as soon as it was apparent that the right professional people were there tending to the injured, I went home. I then reflected on the incident. I absolutely deplore drinking and driving and this appears to be yet another case of some goober head that thought he was ok to drive. I also reflected on how pleased I am that Kathy & I are people that do not hesitate to get involved. Very few neighbours ever come out of their house to offer assistance when these things occur. I guess it is easy to hide in your house and say “this is not my problem, don’t get involved.”, but I would not be able to look in the mirror if I did that. Our world is made a much sadder place by people who refuse to get involved. I am thankful I am not in that demographic. Looking back over the last 15 years, there is a litany of instances where I stopped to assess or assist. I have broken up fights, caught two drinking drivers, caught another person fleeing from the police, stopped an act of vandalism on a neighbour’s property, and have been one of the first on the scene to about 10 accidents or so (in front of our house). I am not saying that to brag or proclaim my greatness, just that I choose to be engaged in the environment in which I live. Kathy is similar in her values and deeds. Hopefully, in some small way, we help to make the world a better and safer place to live.

I am thankful that I am involved. I am grateful that I care enough to venture where others fear to tread.

Support the World that Supports You - Get involved!

He who does nothing for others does nothing for himself. ~ Goethe

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