#BixbyFifty #Day23 – Time to Lace Up

Lace Up.

That is a phrase that I picture boxers using when they don their gloves, runners using when they put on their running shoes, athletes of various sports would understand this.

It is my time to Lace Up.

You see, writing has been very difficult for me this past seven months. I have been in a fog and in a funk when it comes to writing. It can be a struggle to wrap words and sentences around a though or feeling. In some ways, I have become inarticulate in written form. Time for me to take pen in hand and lace up. (Other than I do not need shoes for this and I am typing instead of writing). But I digress…

I am honoured and humbled that my daughters have not dropped the mantle on the #BixbyFifty challenge that was issued last April. A friend of mine, Murray, continues to make gratitude postings with that hashtag as well. It is like I passed the ball then went and sat on the bench. Time to Lace Up.

Truth is that I am very grateful for what I have in life, the people in my life, and who I am. This post is merely to re-open a door that I have had closed too long. It is my call to write aboutĀ gratitude on a regular basis. Make gratitude a mindful purposeful act in my life.

No other words of wisdom to impart, I hope that they come unbidden to me in the days ahead…


1 thought on “#BixbyFifty #Day23 – Time to Lace Up

  1. I’ve been in a fog and a funk about everything for at least as long as you have about writing. What is it? I feel if I do not break out of that state soon I never will.

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