#BixbyFifty #Day22 – I’m Sick, What of It?

Life is a bit of a dull roar these days. Lots of changes going on in various areas of my life. Nothing big and nothing bad, just lots of things that require my focus and attention. Some projects around the house, getting my consulting business going, some travel, summer plans, fundraising, some conflict management, the whole SaskGames suite of initiatives, etc. These are all positive things, it is that I find I do not have much capacity left over for zen-like ponderings. My mind seems to crave some downtime for philosophical musings and reflection. I am sure that I will hit stride again soon, this is just a point and time I happen to be at now. It is generally when life is busy that I get a tad rundown, when I get rundown, sickness pays me a visit.

Every once in awhile, sickness comes to call. It paid me a visit on Monday night and it is kicking my ass. I have a nasty head / throat cold that is slowly making its way to my chest. I seem to be quite functional through the day, but it gets much worse at bed time and it is the absolute worst in the early morning. This morning my ears were aching and throbbing and it was coupled with sharp pain in my throat and head. Now why of why would I post this on a gratitude blog? That is easy for me to answer…

I am a relatively healthy person. I have all my limbs, All of my organs function, I do not suffer from any chronic or debilitating diseases. Periodic sickness is a great reminder that we have so much to be thankful for. This cold, although unpleasant, brings to mind how fortunate I truly am. There are many people who suffer with serious chronic ailments. I want to view this temporary pain and discomfort in that light. It will soon pass and I will feel better again. Hopefully, this gratitude will temper my whining so Kathy does not suffer as well. 🙂

1 thought on “#BixbyFifty #Day22 – I’m Sick, What of It?

  1. Clearly you do not have a “Man Cold” then. I have one of those right now actually. I’m not enjoying it however you are correct when you observe we need to be thankful for being healthy the rest of the time.

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