Merry Christmas 2009

As I reflect upon 2009, I am reminded what a blessed year this has been. I have great people in my life; both in person and people I interact with on the web. I have so much to be thankful for that it is humbling and it is hard to know where to start. When I began to reflect on 2009, I really did not think that I did that much. Going through the process of distilling the year into a short video recap was a wonderful exercise in reflecting on the joys of the year. I would very much like to thank all of the people in my life for the memories, lessons, and laughs. I am a better person today for knowing you.

From our household, we want to wish you a most Merry Christmas and a new year full of health & happiness. In lieu of purchasing gifts for our extended family and friends, we have once again decided that we want to try to make the world a better place through KIVA. Please visit our KIVA profile and know that we honour our friends and families through this opportunity.
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Krystal has done a stellar job with our Christmas letter this year. Here is our YouTube Christmas Card:
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Finally, here is our year distilled into a 10 minute recap. Many of you make a cameo appearance and for that you get an oscar for best supporting cool person. 🙂

“Fun Boardgames, Great Poker, Tasty Beverages, Good Eats, Fantastic Travel, Incredible People… …these are a few of my favourite things.”
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Merry Christmas 2009,