I am surprised

I am in the process of signing up friends and family for a set of discussion forums. (http://forums.bixby.ca) and I have to admit it is a bit amusing. People generally resist following written instructions. I would say that a full 40% of people missed a key point. What am I saying? Well, I think it is a testament on our society. People are bombarded with so many forms of communication and inundated with emails that it has become instinctual to skim when reading and miss important information. What does that say about us in general? Is it preferable to read quick and do re-work for anything that gets bounced back to us? I consider that a flawed mentality, but perhaps it is my mind set that should adjust. Mayhaps if everyone saved a minute on average for 50 emails that are merely skimmed each day, that would yield 50 extra minutes. Contrast that with having to possibly only spend 30 minutes a day reworking details missed by skimming and they may be onto something.

 Yoda says I must ponder this.

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