#BixbyFifty #Day11 – Time of the Season

Given the nature of my last entries on this blog, I think I need to lighten it up a bit. Mostly, I woke up this morning feeling lighter and more akin to my normal self. I just saw the lovely Lady Lew off to work, walked her to her car, and sent her off with a kiss. The morning is quite cool, but the sun is shining and it casts a strong warmth. The yard is showing a strong desire to put winter behind and focus on the spring chore of growth. I do believe the yard is telling me something.

There are a multitude of things to be grateful for today, but I think I will focus on the changing of the seasons. For whatever reason, I view seasonal changes as opportunities to pause and think of my own changes.

Autumn is my favourite season and it represents opportunity to learn and grow. It is the time when universities start back up and city streets are full of autumn leaves. People are shuffling around with books under their arm on a journey to learn and ponder life’s mysteries. The air is crisp and fresh and sweet with the smell of autumn leaves. There are those leaves again. Most of this imagery is from when I lived in Halifax. Halifax is a university town and there is such a vibrant energy in the fall that the air is electric. Ideas, philosophies, and new beginnings are discussed at length in coffee houses. Autumn is about new ideas.

Winter is a time for redefinition. With all of the ponderings of fall fresh under our belt, we can put in motion our plans to change our lives. I have never been a big fan of New Year’s resolutions, but it generally is in the winter that I make some choices for new habits, new plans, new adventures. Winter is about selecting ideas and making plans.

Spring is a call to action for me. It is when the thoughts from winter need to germinate and grow into deeds. Ideas by themselves are not much good without some inertia. Spring is a time to connect action to intention. As the world throws off the cold blanket of winter, I too view this as a time to enact, grow, move, do. I have noticed in recent years that the transition to spring officially occurs for me when I rake the back yard and prepare it for a new season of gatherings, fire pits, and basically add the backyard to our house as another functional room to enjoy and spend time in. Spring is about putting plans into motion.

Summer is a time to be active. I tend to spend a lot of time in my head throughout the year, I guess summer is when I spend time in my body. I generally set aside many of the abstract musings that occupy my thoughts in the other months. This is a season to canoe, hike, camp, throw darts, bike, play bocce, and enjoy the various gatherings of friends over large tables replete with food and drink. Summer is about being active and enjoying the fruits of plans made earlier in the year.

I know that is a great over simplification, but it mostly rings true for me. It is aptly timed for me to move into spring now. Given recent events, I need to focus on renewal and growth. I feel stronger today, more myself. Perhaps the blogging and interactions I have had with friends and family over the last few days have been the warm sun that I needed. Thank you.

“Behold, my friends, the spring is come; the earth has gladly received the embraces of the sun, and we shall soon see the results of their love!”
– Sitting Bull

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