#BixbyFifty #Day06 – Photography

Today I am feeling a bit reflective and nostalgic. I just set up a Flickr account for SaskGames. Basically, it will be for pictures I have taken of boardgames or people playing games. As the SaskGames News Bulletin progresses, it will become more important to have a central repository of stock images. If you are interested in a bunch of game related pictures, the account is:
2016 MegaGame

That is not the reason for today’s post though. I went through my folders of digital pictures from 2014, 2013, 2012 looking for gaming pictures. By doing that I was wading through all of my pictures of the last couple of years. Lots of memories came flooding back to me of various people, events, and travels. It was quite a pleasant task. We have so many digital pictures… I can hardly venture a guess as to how many. Perhaps 20,000 or so. Thankfully they are in folders by year, month, and event so they are “largely” organized.

I feel like it is a blessing to have these in digital format. We mostly use our TV as a large picture frame and have the xBox 360 stream pictures to it in a slide show. It allows us to enjoy our pictures on a regular basis. Going through the folders looking for specific images has sparked another project for me. I think I will go through all of our digital pictures and clean up some of the organization and folders. It is a task I am really looking forward to as it will be a very rewarding stroll through the strata of the last 14 years. Yep, 14 years of digital pictures. I starting using a digital camera in 2000. Aside from that, we have had a very large portion of our older photographs scanned and they will need to be organized into folders. This task will take a long time to complete as it is fairly large in scope. I have no problem with that. I can savour this project and pick away at it in small chunks. That will allow me to have bite size chunks of nostalgia.

I am grateful for these pictures. These captured moments in time and space. I look forward to visiting and reliving various canoe trips, backpacking excursions, family visits, outings with friends, backyard gatherings, poker games, boardgame events, travel, snowshoeing expeditions, and many other zany things we have ventured to try over the years. These pictures will be yet another reminder of a number of other blessings in my life.

DSC_4023I am truly thankful for the photographs and how they are a catalyst for a flood of wonderful memories.


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  1. Yes Matt you are very organized … It was you who showed me the best way to organize my pics. Thank you for that … I still organize my pics that way.

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