#BixbyFifty #Day02 – Simplicity

There is a book by Edward de Bono that is worth a read. It is called Simplicity. The book is filled with small tidbits about the elegance of Simplicity. Simplicity in life brings richness and fulfillment, at least it does for me. To further explore that thought, I would like to explain that my needs are quite simple. With simple needs, it is much easier to be content.

I enjoy spending time with family and friends. I enjoy an evening of boardgames. I enjoy a pint of good beer. I enjoy a peaceful walk or hike in nature. These are all relatively simple things. They are not terribly expensive, they do not require much other than a desire to pursue and enjoy them.

One of the things I came to realize with my previous gratitude journey, is that the more I reflect on things that I am grateful for, the simpler my needs become. I do not yearn for unobtainable items to bring joy to my life; they are already in my life. That may sound cliche or like it came out of a hallmark card, but it is so deeply true for me.

Simplicity is another reason I left the professional world of Information Technology years ago. Too much of the industry values complexity and cumbersome bloated projects over the elegance of simplicity. The value proposition is backwards.

This even applies to possessions. They say the things we own end up owning us; I believe it. Earlier this year when we got rid of 1200 music CD’s it felt as if the weight of those CD’s was lifted from our shoulders. Our garage has much less clutter with some of the purging efforts in the last few years. Simple is good.

The richness of joy deepens with every step I take towards a simpler existence. Today, I am grateful for a journey that heightens gratitude and pursues simplicity, they are inexorably linked.

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