#BixbyFifty #Day01 – Importance of Role Models

The first leg of this gratitude journey needs to go to my brother Charlie. Actually, he is here now, visiting from Alberta. He called me up late last week and wondered what I was doing to commemorate my fiftieth birthday and that if I had no plans he would like to come for a visit.

Charlie has always been and continues to be a positive force in our family. During times of great family turmoil when I was younger, his was the voice of calm and reason. He has always shown a mastery of reason over emotion that has made him a rock of stability and consistency over the years. I drew a lot of strength from that when I was younger and today, I continue to be inspired by the conversations we have.

Charlie has worked hard over the years to bring siblings together in a way that honours and celebrates our unique differences. I give him credit for the cohesive love that ties us together as siblings in our adult years.

Many people perceive role models as something a child needs. Personally, I think our lives are a continuous learning journey and it is good to have role models for every stage of our life. As long as we are growing and learning, we are not dying. (At least that is how I view things). I want to give credit to a consistent and solid role model in my life over the years. Even now as we get together, our conversations explore ideas and values and always have a provocative quality that is quite uplifting. Today, I give thanks for my brother Charlie. I am so glad you thought to come to Regina to help usher in the spring. Now if you excuse me, I think we will go out and enjoy some of the nice weather we are having.

Choose your role models wisely.

Choose your role models wisely.

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