Musical Monday – Thematic Instrumentals

Quite often I am in the mood for listening to some music that is unobtrusive. It simply provides a nice backdrop to my evening or activity. I have a large collection of instrumental music that fits this niche quite well. I guess it is not really a secret that I enjoy electronic and synthesized music. Here ares some items on the highlight reel if you are looking to explore some artists and titles that have resonated with me in this genre…




Three artists and three songs each. You can get a very different feel for the music. I find that much of the work Vangelis does can be quite haunting. Moroder tends to have a stronger dramatic feel to his music. Jarre is just a really full musical experience. You need to listen to a whole album or series of tracks sequentially to appreciate how he paints a musical scene through the various portions of this music.

Perhaps, because I am reading more, I am playing more music without lyrics. I do not want to be distracted by the lyrical content while I am immersed in a book or set of boardgame rules. There are many more artists I could highlight here but I will save them for a future entry. I know that my Nephew Justin has an interest in instrumental / ambient / electronic music. I look forward to hearing about some of his favourites the next time we get together. Although this is a niche corner for musical tastes, there are many facets and moods to explore within the genre.

Party on Wayne; Party on Garth!

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