That rug really tied the room together.

I really enjoyed the movie. The first time I watched it I liked it; somewhere around the third viewing I loved it. In addition to some of the most quotable lines in a movie, there were musical moments of genius.  I will share a couple of them with you now.

For the first video, I really had no idea that was Kenny Rogers. That was from Kenny when Kenny was cool. I have a new appreciation for his music. The second video is a great cover tune. I remember a day long ago when I used to consider covering a song a form of musical sacrilege. Over the years I have not only mellowed on that stance, but I have come to appreciate the artistic license some people take when doing a cover tune. They put their own stamp on it and make the song their own. Booya.

Know that I think about it, I will try to post a cover comparison on these musical blog entries. Let’s start with a cover of a lesser known Beatles tune: “Tomorrow Never Knows”…

I like the version by Jai Uttal much better. Very ethereal and more atmospheric in the presentation. I have an album of his I picked up about 20 years ago that I quite enjoy. There is another cover on the CD, but I cannot recall the song, perhaps material for a future entry…

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