Music Monday – Dead Dogs and Morning Elegance

Unless I create a personal mission or theme to my blogging activity, it becomes very sporadic. I think i will try to make a blog post on Mondays that will focus on music or tunes that I have recently discovered or dug out of my archives. Today, I am sharing a gem I found years and years ago on YouTube. Visit from the Dead Dog by Ed Harcourt.

It really seems silly to me that music companies enforce copyright infringement on YouTube. I would say that 80% of my music purchases in recent years are due to being exposed to cool music on YouTube. Seeing as how I am nostalgic today with my musical musings, here is another song that I discovered years ago that by Oren Lavie. The song is called Her Morning Elegance. I notice that the this video is making the rounds on the internet again. I was surprised to see it show up again considering Internet trends and the fascination with all things new and viral.

One thing that stands out about both of these songs for me is the fun and clever videos. They are well matched to the music. Enjoy.


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