Gratitude – Day 99 (Stuff & Things)

That is one of my generic sayings; “Stuff & Things”. When I am not quite sure what to call something, it gets lumped into the category of Stuff & Things. That is what I am feeling this morning; a general happiness and contentment. It is not directed at anything specific, just, well, you know, at stuff & things. Catchy, isn’t it.

My original intention was to blog about various facets of the canoe trip this week. To isolate parts of the trip that I felt very grateful for. This morning it would have felt a bit forced, as I have this very warm sense of contentment with everything around me. I had three board game evenings this week which provided a great cerebral counterpoint to the physicality of the canoe trip. My life feels like it is in a wonderful balance. I am quite happy.

I am sitting here this morning, enjoying a cup of coffee pondering all of the goodness and abundance of joy. My work is going well with some challenging and fun projects on the docket, Kathy & I are in a very good place in our lives, There is a purring cat sitting next to me, the air outside has a crisp hint of cool fresh autumn, (my favourite season), life is good.

I am looking forward to Guinness Breakfast tomorrow, followed by an afternoon cooking Lobster and having a beer or two by the fire. There is absolutely nothing I can think of to complain about. Conscious gratitude has its own rewards I guess. Happiness comes when we resolve to be happy. Seems simple enough. Wow. Anyways, enough of this hallmark moment, I think I will head into the office and work on some projects before I pronounce the work week at a close.

Here is to the stuff & things in our lives. That “Je ne c’est pas” collection of goodness that surrounds us like a womb of awesome.


An open mind sees the world reflected within them, but a closed mind looks for the world to be their reflection. ~ Brian Winkler

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