Gratitude – Day 95 (Canoeing Up North)

I suspect this week will see a number of blog entries crop up relating to our last canoe trip. We did a 56km Canoe trip over 7 days / 6 nights. It was a fantastic trip out of Missinipe, SK. There are so many things to love about this trip. The water was mostly calm for paddling. The weather was quite cooperative but gave us a few displays of her power and force. Swimming was therapeutic. Once we did our first portage, we left the motorized boats behind and had French lake to ourselves. The food was really quite amazing. Kathy did a superb job with the meal planning and our new dehydrator is now a vital part of our trip planning. Greg and Marilyn were an absolute pleasure to canoe with; the four of us are a great fit for outdoor excursions. The fires at night were soothing for the soul and tired muscles. White wine was an enjoyable way to end most evenings as we sat around the fire and recounted the days adventures. Robertson Falls was simply stunning with the magnitude of water flowing over the falls. The sunsets were often colorful and mesmerizing. The sound of loons echoing over the lakes. The list goes on…

I really enjoyed this trip and it will be recalled with great joy and fondness for the rest of my days. I look forward to planning more canoe trips now. This was my first canoe trip of this length. I learned a lot about gear, packing, anticipating weather, and tripping in general. Got to work on my canoe skills and I feel much more confident with my paddling abilities. Here’s is to a fantastic week that I will always remember.

How hard to realize that every camp of men or beast has this glorious starry firmament for a roof!  In such places standing alone on the mountain-top it is easy to realize that whatever special nests we make – leaves and moss like the marmots and birds, or tents or piled stone – we all dwell in a house of one room – the world with the firmament for its roof – and are sailing the celestial spaces without leaving any track.  ~ John Muir

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