Gratitude – Day 89 (Re-Focus)

I think I have ADOS; Attention-Deficit Ooooh Shiny….
I need to adjust the aperture of my focus from time to time. I simply love exploring new ideas and new experiences. Sometimes I get a bit too over-committed or get involved in too many things. Yesterday, I was quite tired and I think I am fighting off the summer cold that Kathy is getting. Lots and lots of vitamin C. Anyways, I stayed home to rest and used the time to contemplate my current lack of focus. It is time to make some more adjustments to my daily ritual. Time to eliminate some distractions and mitigate some others. There are some projects and professional development steps I wish to pursue and it will take focus to make these happen. Here’s to the process that recognizes I am off my tracks and gets me back on track. I have tremendous focus when I use it, I need to use it more.

If you focus on results, you will never change. If you focus on change, you will get results. ~ Jack Dixon

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