Gratitude – Day 28 (Meaningful Conversations)

We have already established that I am an analytical person and that I spend a considerable amount of time looking at human dynamics. How and why people interact with each other the way they do has always intrigued me. This includes a lot of self examination as to my own interactions and motivations. I like to discuss and talk about these things, but really, it is a topic of conversation that is not for everyone. The subject matter can often be very conceptual or abstract, and if both people do not have common frames of reference, it becomes a highly theoretical discussion. Quite dry & boring for most, I suspect.

One of my friends has her own personal growth journey that she has been on for years. She is very insightful about human dynamics and brings her observations to a conversation with a candid and sincere style. We do not often get together for anything more than a brief chat, but we recently sat down for a very enjoyable conversation. We spoke at length about our observations and ponderings and the whole conversation had contextual relevance to both of us. I always walk away from these conversations feeling enriched with new insights & knowledge. We openly discussed our challenges, failures, and triumphs. We shared how we have picked ourself up after a failure. We kicked around lessons learned from the whole collection of experiences from our personal journeys.

These are not conversations I can have with just anyone. As I mentioned, there needs to be certain common frames of reference in place. I refer to my commitment to emotional, spiritual, mental, and physical growth as my “personal journey”. It is deeply personal and it is also the coal that keep my inner furnace burning hot. I find it tremendously rewarding to ocassionally discuss these things in greater detail with someone on a similar path. It both challenges and validates things I have thought of or felt through the course of my own contemplation. I simply cherish these conversations and think they are a rare and valuable gift.

Conversational Rays of Sunshine

I do not seek and find these conversational “rays of sunshine”, they find me. Even though this is a personal journey, it is rewarding to risk vulnerability and open the book to share the pages of the path with another on a similar path. A brief respite from the solitude of self reflection. Enriching. Thank you.

We are so accustomed to disguise ourselves to others that in the end we become disguised to ourselves.  ~ François Duc de La Rochefoucauld

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