…of Monarchs & Toilets, aka, Royal Flush

Royal FlushFate works in strange ways. My last blog entry was all about me getting beat like a red headed step child at the poker table. The very next night, Kathy & I hosted a game at our place and I could do no wrong. From card-dead to card extravagant in one day. Oh the contrast. We had 13 players and I eliminated 9 of them. It eneded up being Carly and I in heads up play and I get a Royal Flush on the river to win the night.

I have seen two Royal Flushes in all of my years playing poker, and not one of them was mine. This was a real treat for me. The fact that this hand came up in heads up play with both of us betting the farm is TV Poker. Just like my previous blog entry, I want to state that I play for fun. Winning is gravy. We have a great group and I am very thankful for the fun evenings of poker with good friends. This is certainly at the top of my highlight reel for Poker moments though. My bankroll took a jump to $735.50

“Sometimes I am the seal, sometimes I am the club.”

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