Clubbed like a Harp Seal

Baby Harp SealLard Tunderin’ Jeezuz. I seem to be on a real Poker Cooler. I came in 43 out of 60 players at the Regina Senior Citizen Centre Charity Poker game at Casino Regina last night. I have been somewhat “card dead” for awhile, but I could not parlay in my modest hands into anything. All of my hands were exercises in putting my tail between my legs or losing the hand to a marginally better hand. Meh. That’s poker.

Good thing I enjoy the game. 🙂

It was a good time and a good crew. I am glad to see that Brad was able to get 60 players come out to support the charity. That’s it. I never lost a poker game, I supported a great charity. Ahhhh. Much better, it is amazing what a little positive thinking and self deception can do. My bankroll is still on the plus side at $570.50, but I would really like to see that climb up over $1000 to feel comfortable with my play.

I have been playing tons of board games lately and not as much poker. Very enjoyable, but I need to focus on getting the Poker League (Poker For Hacks) going for the 2008 season. There are a number of things that need to be done, of which league reporting is the biggest. I am meeting with a couple of co-conspirators tonight to try and figure that out. After the meeting…
…we play Poker. 🙂

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