Ingredients For a Great Saturday

Monk Madness AleThe day started, as all great Saturdays start; a gathering at O’Hanlon’s Pub for Guinness Breakfast. There were only a mere four of us that shared tasty victuals and libations. Fred Mountjoy, Shelley Wilde, John Kennedy, and myself. A nice relaxing start to the day. Once my belly was full and I managed to kill two pints of Guinness, it is off to road hockey. There was a great tournout for Road Hockey and the weather was perfect. Actually, it could have been a bit colder for my liking. We played around for about an hour and a half then headed to the Cathedral Village Free House for our post game banter & brew. We have been getting decent turnouts for road hockey since we started back up, shoudl continue through January and on.

Ah, Poker. Yes. Another rewarding Hobby. Rob Allin hosted a poker game Saturday night and there were 14 players. I Managed to build aup a huge stack then squander it away when the two tables merged. It is odd how the table dynamic and the betting patterns shift so radically when tables merge. I need to retool my game play a bit when that happens. I am too slow to adjust and I get myself in trouble. I placed 7 out of the 14. I am down $25.00 to put my Bankroll at $663.50, hardly big league material. I am still very pleased that I have a positive amount. Get to have 100 of hours of entertainment, and I have actually made a little money. Go figure.

I took one of my last Premier Beers to the Poker game. A Monk Madness Ale from Rogue Brewing company in Oregon. I opened it and half the bottle foamed out, not sure why. It was chilled well and not shaken. Being Scottish, I drank most of what was foaming out of the bottle so as not to waste any. I enjoyed the last half of the bottle between belching from the first half.

The Ingredients for a Great Saturday? Start with a beer, end with a beer. All hail Norm Peterson!

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