Ode to a Beverage

GuinnessHmmmmmm. Slight frown. Furrowed brow.

I have not heard from my contact at the Sherbrooke Liquor Store in Edmonton. I guess I will have to give him a call. I want to get started with our “Beer Of The Month” club, but I need to let our charter members know what beer is in stock at the Mecca of Alberta Beer Stores. With an advertised 475 varieties of beer on hand, I am sure there are tasty libations to sate any beer drinkers thirst.  

I know I am looking forward to English Style Ales, Hoppy Pale Ales, and damn near everything else. 2007 was a good beer for me and I would hate to think that last year was my pinnacle year and I am now on my downward slide.

Stay tuned thirsty viewers, I shall detail my exploits once my adventure begins in earnest. And remember the first rule of “Beer Club”…

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